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The Last Echo Action rpg Mobile Android 1gb+ APK OBB

The game I got from a friend's info on my Facebook page. A third person game with 3D graphics that can be played offline. What we can download for free via the Tap-tap application with a download size of 1.6gb. Frankly, I was hesitant because of this size. But in the end I still downloaded it, maybe there are friends here who need info about this game.
For example,
Is this game really offline?
It's really offline, I've tried it and from the start it can be opened without an internet connection.
But! Read again to the bottom
Is the game heavy or light?
It's a shame, it looks like this game needs qualified specifications. Estimates will be playable on cellphones with the Snapdragon 700 chipset and equivalent. On my R4P cellphone, which is still Snapdragon 625, it runs very slowly even with left-aligned settings.
Actually, you already guessed it, because in the source someone commented that

the game doesn't run smoothly on Snapdragon 665. But my goal is actually just to check whether it's really offline or it turns out to be
online game.
Please think carefully before downloading!
Just a suggestion, because I think the size is big. Unless you are ready to lose your quota or time. Apart from the HP specs, what you need to think about is the size of the file which only consists of apk files. Sometimes on certain cellphones, large apk files like this can not be installed. I already gave you a warning.
The Game Is in Chinese!
One more thing to think about. Not only do we have trouble enjoying the story, but we're also confused about the menus in it. What's more, this is an Action RPG game, where a few things related to the menu are quite needed. For example, skill settings, character status or even the use and function of items
the item.
Exciting gameplay?

I think so, especially supported by good visuals like this. With the main character is a cute little girl. Judging from the clothes and books as weapons, it looks like he is a magician. Yup him
use the book as a weapon.
Swing it like a sword with interesting combos. It seems that this main character can also turn into an enemy he has fought before. As part of the combo. Maybe there's a setting. And because he's a wizard, of course he can cast magic spells too. There's no doubt, the gameplay is interesting!
For those whose cellphones have adequate specifications, it is really recommended to try this game.
It's just that you have to think again carefully.
Especially because the game is still in Bahasa
Chinese. Because the size is big, I will upload it myself with the file that I ultra compressed so that the download size is only 500 mb. Let me upload it lighter, and those of you who download it can save more on your quota. But I will also provide links that go directly to the source


Video Gameplay

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