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SAS Zombie Assault 4 Shooter Game Mobile Android


One of the old games that is still fun to play. Have top down View TPS gameplay with dual analog. where the left analog functions to move the character as usual, then the right analog to direct the aim, and simultaneously shoot. The basis of this game is missions, with above average difficulty levels. At the beginning of the mission, we will be faced with many zombies of various types, and an enemy boss towards the end of the mission. But it's precisely things like this that are exciting and rewarding
even though it has gameplay and graphics that can be said to be simple. This game has great visuals. Zombies and the area is enough to give a gripping and tense impression. Because in this game, zombies attack quite a lot.
Yes, similar to the series in the zombie film. The sound of gunfire will make them come straight at us. The type of deep zombie

Video Gameplay

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