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Muse Dash Game Mobile Android Music Casual Tap Tap

Unique and interesting game. Game
Rhythm but has some elements like Endless Runner and Side games
rolling. Even when I googled the info from a request, I thought it was a Side Scrolling game.
With a cute character appearance, of course this is an exciting hack n slash game. But my guess is way off the mark. Because this is a Rhythm game. Disappointed?
Kagan, on the other hand. I enjoy the gameplay and listen to pretty good music. Thus, thank you for this interesting game info for friends in the comments column
Prioritizing music with energetic nuances and vocaloid-style sound is enough to make me curious to try other music
The type of music and vocal sound of this first song is similar to Miku from Project Diva. But other songs turned out to have a different nuance. It doesn't matter, because other music is also quite pleasant to listen to. On average, the music is upbeat and fun. Oh about the music, there's only some music on the first play because the other music is still locked. But other music will be opened based on the increase in the level that we perolen

Then there's only chapter 1, because chapter 2 hasn't come out yet and it says coming soon. (N.B.
Newer version with the addition of several chapters in it, so the music also has more dunks )
For gameplay it gives a unique impression.
namely listening to songs while hitting the enemy with the guitar according to the rhythm.
The basic control of this game is just tap. Tap on the left and right side of the screen. Left tap to jump/hit the enemy above, and right tap to hit. Simple, but also sometimes complicated if you don't concentrate. Because there are several moves and enemies. Viewed from the Home Screen
The game, it seems there are 3 playable characters in this game. Don't know how to get the other 2 characters. In the beginning, we will only control an orange-haired girl named Rin with her casual rock look.


Video Gameplay

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