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Cloud Chasers Mobile Android Survial Game APK (Download + Full Reviews)

Is a survival game made by the developer
Blindfulg Studios. The core story in this game describes a cruel and dangerous journey across the desert. In this game, players will play as Francisco and Amelia, father and son who have traveled far to flee to a land above the clouds. Gameplay in Cloud Chasers mixes resource management, a bit of game book style storytelling, mini games, and roguelike consequence elements.
During the long journey to the land of clouds, players need to manage the water supply owned by Francisco and Amelia. For this reason, players need to fly Amelia using a glider to collect water stored in the clouds. During this process, the player needs to prevent Amelia from being attacked by evil robots so that the glider she is riding on doesn't fall and get damaged. In this game, players will see an interesting drama about trying to survive in the desert.


Video Gameplay

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