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Adventure Town Mobile Android Game Simulation + RPG

The real game has disappeared from
Playstore. I know and got it from a friend's info in the comments column. I tried it on R4P and it also felt like it had fun gameplay, so I decided to share it here. So I don't guarantee the game will work on HP with OS
Navigate up. But I hope you can, after all, if you can't, you won't lose too much.
The problem is the size is only 50's mb right.
Is a sim building game, where we will build and develop our city. Starting from building inns, factories, fields and so on. It is from this infrastructure that we get solutions and manage them for the progress of the village. Maybe it will be challenging and exciting, if you use the normal apk. The problem is I myself tried the apk mod, and it made the gameplay too easy. It's still interesting, just lost the challenge and the excitement.
The most interesting thing is precisely the Hero in the city. Because outside our village there are many monsters roaming. Sometimes they will enter the village and chaos. This is where the role of the heroes is needed. 

ordered them to fight with these monsters. Sounds like a security guard huh? hehe. Not only that, we can order Hero to slay monsters outside the city to get some money
and resources.
These heroes have their own equipment and level, and we can even customize their appearance according to what we want. Each level of our city increases, so the number of heroes we have will also increase. That makes sense, because a large territory would need more security to guard it.

(Tested Android 8 Ratel Cell SD 835)


Video Gameplay

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