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Pokemon Crown Catur Game Mobile Android Offline New 2023

Game ROM Pokemon Crown

Emulator GBA "MyboyDownload

Install :

1. Download game rom install myboy emulator apk

2. Extract file rom .zip 7z rar zarchive - Winrar jika masih berformat bukan .GBA

3. Open emulator Myboy Search play ROM file game .GBA ok click 

4. Play offline game GBA with emulator enjoy

Game Baru Pokemon Android baru yang seru menurut mimin, Battle nya ga kaya biasanya turn base, tapi ala ala taruh Pion trus nyerang sendiri kaya Catur (kayanya ada game pokemon kaya gini, tapi mimin baru tau sekarang wkkwwk) Sikat gaes, yang mau main gamenya cobain seru,. POKEMON

/Mimin's new new Android Pokemon game is fun, the battle isn't like the usual turn base, but it's just the way you put a pawn and then attack yourself like chess (I think there's a pokemon game like this, but mimin just found out about it now hahaha) Brush it guys, those who want to play the game try it, it's fun. Pokemon


  • Completely revamped battle engine. (No more turn based combat!)
  • Unique Pokémon Battle System, featuring Pokémon from all gens
  • Online PvP
  • New items and previous items reimagined for auto battle combat
  • New catching mechanics
  • Every UI completely custom
  • Day and Night system/encounters/stuff
  • Quest System
  • Boss battles, and challenge modes
  • Psuedo-Open World
  • Vibrant Biomes to explore and catch Pokémon
  • Almost everything is new so this list can go on!

Video Gameplay


Pokémon Crown is a Medieval RPG set in the vast and magical Region of Guelder. Guelder, as a rich resource bastion, was thrust into a long-lasting war. Guelder triumphed after many years, but not without a cost… While the region was rebuilding, the King’s Diviner predicted a dual prophecy for the kingdom: a future of light and a future of darkness. Based on these visions, the King realized that unless something changed, the kingdom was doomed to more war.

The first Pokémon League, the Crown League, is established at the King’s command. As Guelder’s borders open to the outside world, a slew of new and powerful trainers have arrived to put their skills to the test. Can you seize greatness and triumph in the Crown Challenge? All Pokémon battles in the Guelder region are conducted in a unique style known as a Crown Battle. Master this mode of battle to become Guelder’s Champion!

In Pokémon Crown, you can explore the vast Guelder region, learn about its history, and join a number of guilds to learn the secrets of their trades.

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