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Life is A Game Pixel simulation Slice Of Life Mobile Android Offline 42mb APK MOD

Game Pixel yang sangat related dengan kehidupan sehari-hari,. game bertema slice of life potongan kehidupan yang berbeda-beda.

/This game from the title is ordinary. Judging from the graphics, it also doesn't make me interested in trying it, let alone playing it. Likewise with the gameplay, which is just an endless runner game. That's the first impression I got. I just let it go for a few days after downloading it. Until finally, for some reason, I finally installed it too. Maybe more foggy
due to power failure yesterday.
The first few times I played it, I still felt normal, because I didn't really understand the gameplay. But curious also want to continue to play and enjoy it. What to do! Interestingly it is because there are many possibilities in the gameplay. I don't know because of what we did during gameplay or it just happened randomly. One of the games that I try makes me forget the time.
The gameplay itself is really simple. Where our character will move automatically from left to right. From baby to old and died. Well, his way of life is interesting.
At the time when I first played it, I still consider some parts to be random

and I don't think so. But after playing for so long, I finally know the trick. Everything can be tried with the choices we make during gameplay. But unfortunately the results of the record are when I first started playing. Gonna upload again hehe.
It's not hard to get rich and die happy in this game. If you already understand how the gameplay is, you can definitely do it easily. But it's precisely because we don't really understand the gameplay that makes this game interesting and intriguing.
Because everything feels random and
assume that what happens during the gameplay is a factor of luck.
And as usual, what I share is the mod version of this game. Mod money, the mod effect when we shop, the money actually increases. But we can't buy things that are worth more than the money we have.
Take it easy, the mod doesn't interfere with the gameplay. Even more fun.
Because there is a lot of additional content that we can buy. For example, add the type of vehicle, type
babies, and so on.


Video Gameplay

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