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Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders Game Mobile Android Point n Click Puzzle apk + obb

One of my old drafts that was abandoned for up to 3 years. Just posting it actually, it's just piled up by other drafts. The initial intention was as a backup, but in the end there were too many of them and made me hesitate to share them. Apart from being an old game, it's also because I forgot what the gameplay was like.
The link fix made me find it and want to play it again. With the most recent version of course
I was stunned by the graphics and visuals. Which
I think it has a very smooth animation.
In my memory is not as good as this problem. Yes, like other detective games, in this game we will investigate a case. Of course this is not an ordinary case! Because the killer is a mysterious smart figure.
And we, who in this game are famous detectives, must be able to solve all kinds of marks left by the killer. Which is usually inserted as a puzzle in the gameplay.
The name is also a point n click game, of course we will find a lot of dialogue and narration in it.

You know that the main attraction of this genre game is the story. Talking about puzzles, is something we can enjoy. In my opinion, if you say it's not difficult, but if you say it's easy, it's not rich either. There was one moment where it took me a while to know what to do. And this genre
I think it's very suitable for detective themes like this.


Video Gameplay

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