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Space Marshall 2 TPS Mobile Android Game

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The wild west sci-fi adventure in outer space continues with the presence of the sequel Space Marshal 2. This is a shooter game with a top-down perspective. The player will again control Burton who is fighting against the criminals in the galaxy.
This game is not an ordinary shooter game. Games that put more emphasis on elements of tactics and stealth. Players will not only shower enemies with bullets, but also have to think and move silently. Besides
That, this game has an interesting story.
Using the environment as an advantage.
Evade attacks by taking cover on an object in an area efficiently, but don't get trapped by the enemy's encirclement
for being too careful. Use tools
traded in this game such as frag
grenades, light bombs, drones, gun turrets, mines and others, to give players more combat power.

Approach enemies carefully. Maybe some of the initial levels will give an easy impression, where players can easily complete the stage by just shooting enemies directly, but that won't happen when the game progress has gone far. Use stealth to reduce the number of enemies one by one, Hack turrets to help players in battle. Cooperate with different enemies and let the enemies fight each other
each other.
Choosing inventory in battle is part of the tactic. In addition to armor to protect the body and one or two grenades to carry. There is something more important to bring. Yups they are weapons such as shotguns, rifles, pistols, snipers, crossbows, energy weapons and many others.
Top-down tactics game
Rendered with HD graphics


Video Gameplay

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