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Neighbours Back From Hell New Mobile Android Squel Game Offline

The newest series of funny games Neighbor From
Hell. Woody is back to bothering his grumpy neighbor. In the same gameplay mode as the previous series.
Namely by making several traps in the neighbor's house. Whether it's by tying the TV antenna at home, putting glue on a pair of binoculars, and so on. To make the neighbor very angry and for me it is quite entertaining and funny to
From this series intro, we will know why
Woody annoys the grumpy neighbor. The mischievous nature that arises because our neighbors are resentful and punishing is annoying. Where likes to throw garbage in our yard, the sound of noisy vehicles plus the smoke everywhere, and the dog who likes puppies in our garden. With a story like this. It feels even more satisfying when we, as Woody, manage to set traps and make this annoying neighbor super annoyed.

Another interesting thing is, this series supports Indonesian. Whether it's in the menu, or on the subtitles. So we can know more about the background of the story and what we have to do during the gameplay. The setting of the series this time and even the mission, feels the same as the first series. As far as I remember, correct me if I'm wrong in the comments column. This series is more like an amalgamation of the first and second series. That's like that.
The problem is that there are levels in both series


Video Gameplay

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