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(Extract Archive then install .APK)

At first I thought it was an ARPG game
like any Ultraman game ever
I share first. Uh apparently not.
but MOBA games. The cool thing is you can
played Offline as well as mod. Mods
which I myself confused
define it. Around
get diamonds and more
Directly without seeing ads
or anything else first. Please be clear
Then you will explore yourself.

Another plus is the size
which is small, which is only the size of 50'an
just mb. It's just that it's a game unfortunately
it uses inside menu writing
Chinese language. So yes first
play, we need to fumble first deh
That's the function of the menus. Or
if you want instant, you can use it
the help of a translator application of some kind
Google Photos Translate. But problem
like this anyway, usually will memorize
after playing for a while.

For gameplay similar to the game
Other MOBAs are like Mobile Lejen.
Which I'm sure you already know
how is the gameplay Enter the genre
popular among mobile gamers,
it would be awkward if there was one
don't know. It's just the difference besides
us, the other characters involved in
control by IA. not player/
original player.

What's interesting is the appearance of the para
character. It turns out the view
Ultraman is various. Not
only red and blue
just. There are even black and
gold colored. Complete with
his armor making an appearance
they look cooler. But
like other F2P games, characters
cool we have to get from gacha.
But you can try it through the mod.
A little strange actually, looking at the
ultraman gelud each other deep
an arena fighting over the tower.
But it's also fun, even for me who is
very rarely play MOBA games
though. Yes, it can be made into one
alternative for you fans
MOBA games, when you can't
connected to the internet / online.


Video Gameplay

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