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Potion Party Shop Mobile Android Game Simulator in 2022

As a game time
management shop simulator, of course
there is a time limit from the customer and
the stage itself. If we can't
fulfill the request for potions from
customer on time, then
the customer will leave, that is
bye bye coins. And it will
affect the next stage
it may not open. Besides that
we really need coins
to upgrade our store. Buy
some additional equipment for
easier for us to manage.

In addition to buying equipment, coins
can also be used for
upgrade and buy characters.
Not that important, but possible
will affect the mood of play
our. Conquering stage by stagenya,
with various challenges in
inside. Because the challenge will be
increasingly diverse. Later we need
combine 2 potions with
different colors in order to get
potion with the desired color
by our customers.

Video Gameplay

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