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Metal Slug 4 Platformer Shooter New Game in 2022

Finally, the fourth series of
this game to the mobile platform. A
popular 2D arcade shooter game
to date. Which is still fun
played by today's players.
What to do?! I still do sometimes
Play this game on PS2 or Wii.
One of the game series that fits perfectly
played as entertainment.
Its presence on the mobile platform already
certainly very expected, because now
we can play it anytime and
anywhere, including while lying down

For me personally this is the fourth series
feels more challenging than
previously. Felt an attack from the para
the enemies are more crowded and accurate. Dead
my mouth is in the early stages. But still
feel exciting and nostalgic with
the gameplay. Moreover, there are several things
new in it, like a raw scene
shoot by riding a motorbike.
This 4th series and 5th feels a little foreign
because I rarely play it on
console. Usually more frequent series
1,2.3 then jump to the 6th hehee. Yes
maybe because this feels more
difficult, because they are not used to the stage-
the stage.

For gameplay basically the same as
other Metal Slug series. Even
the layout of the buttons is the same
the previous series which was also released on
mobile titled ACA NEOGEO. Permanent
comfortable to play, even though we
have to get used to the layout of
button. can be played
use a gamepad for
more comfortable gameplay. Only
just like the game Metal Slug series
other ACA NEOGEO titles.
Regular gamepads don't work for
this game.
A game that's a shame if you miss it,
fun and nostalgic. size
friendly and also light, that is
can even be played smoothly
on android with low specs



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