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Nostalgia Harvest Moon Wonderful Life With Guide Book on Android Aethersx2 PS2 Emulator

After unloading the warehouse, I found the treasure of the legend book and immediately downloaded the PS2 version of the Harvest Moon Wonderful Life game. Before the internet there were the most powerful gaming guidebooks for the guides of ancient gamers. this time it's a nostalgic gardening game, who doesn't know the Harvest Moon game, 90's children, a game that hit the PS era, now mimin plays it on Android

/Habis bongkar bongkar gudang nemu harta karun buku legend dan langsung download game nya Harvest Moon Wonderful Life Versi PS2. sebelum internet ada buku panduan gaming paling ampuh buat panduan para gamer jaman dulu. kali ini nostalgia game Berkebun siapa yang tidak tau Game Harvest Moon anak 90an game yang hits dijaman PS Dulu sekarang mimin mainkan di Android

Game : Harvest Moon Minderful Life Download

Emulator : Aethersx2 Download

BIOS Download

Walk-through guide game Visit

Tutorial :

1. Install AetherSx2

2. Extract ROM PS2 Game 

3. Start Emulator Aethersx2

4. Open Folder Games (this Example My Games)

5. Play And Enjoy

Video Gameplay

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