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Animelee Fighting Android Mobile Game in 2016 APK Mod

Game is exciting, the game is offline, epic fighting / versus animal battles are unique, the game is also a battle of various kinds of animals with different abilities and skills "ok, if you like it, you can download it

Game name: animelee
Size: 165 mb

Are you looking for intense fighting game action? Try going wild! In Animelee, you have the right to bear arms. Want to go fast? Go fox. Going for all out power? Croc's can handle things in a snap. Do you want to win with reflexes and skill instead of button-mashing? Battles can be a blistering brawl between high speed animals, or a tense game of strategy between slow, heavy hitters that can end the match in seconds. See if you can handle the intense action and endless combos of Animelee. 

Win Animoney from battles! Play the Claw Machine mini-game to earn dozens of equipment. Battle and recruit Daily Bosses! Then build a team of heroes and battle hordes of the undead in the Zompocalypse RPG mini-game to earn powerful weapons.

NEW! Snake has joined the roster! Use venomous strikes and speed to defeat your opponents!

NEW! Zompocalypse Mode is now available as our 10,000 Player Reward! Defeat Daily Bosses, recruit them to your party, and battle hordes of zombies to win powerful weapons.

/Mayan seru gamenya offline pertarungan fighting / versus animal yang epic unik juga gamenya pertarungan berbagai macam animal dengan kemampuan dan skill yang berbeda" ok jika kalian suka bisa download

Nama game: animelee
Size: 165 mb

Video Gameplay

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