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Wining Eleven 2002 Old Retro Games For Sony Xperia Play

Download Here PSXperia Download

How to Install PSXperia Game

* Extract File Archive

* Install file Apk

* Copy / Cut Folder name com.sony.playstation.NCXA0WE2002LV_1 

to folder / Android / Data /

Video Gameplay

Note: Error in Player Name

Replace false on

<boolean name="SW-render" value="false" />

Be true, save and restart HP.

open Android - Data - com.sony.playstation.NCXA0WE2002LV_1

find the ucc folder, find the preferences.xml file, edit it with notepad

if there is no ucc folder, open the game on PS Pocket, set the game to Full Screen

/ Catatan : Error Pada Nama Pemain

Ganti false pada

<boolean name="SW-render" value="false" />

Menjadi true, save dan restart HP.

buka Android - Data - com.sony.playstation.NCXA0WE2002LV_1

cari folder ucc, cari file preferences.xml, edit dengan notepad

jika tidak ada folder ucc, buka game di PS Pocket, setting game menjadi Full Screen.

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