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The Rising of The Shield Hero Relive the Animation Review Mobile Android RPG Turnbased Game

In the end, Myne received punishment as well, but unfortunately, after this, it ended immediately and didn't make it to the 3rd wave which was supposed to be fighting LArc and his friends. there are multiple endings

Overall the game is fun, apart from leveling we can also craft accessories, make potions & other items and continue to sell them to various villages/cities.

because in this game we don't really need potions especially Naofumi has a first heal spell that can restore a lot of HP

/akhirnya si Myne di mendapat ganjaran hukuman juga, tapi sayangnya setelah ini langsung tamat dan gak sampe wave ke 3 yg harusnya nanti bakal ngelawan LArc dan temannya. ada multi ending

Overall game'nya seru, selain leveling kita juga bisa craft aksesoris, bikin potion & item lainnya terus jual ke berbagai desa/kota.

karena di game ini kita gak terlalu butuh potion apalagi naofumi punya spell first heal yg bisa memulihkan banyak HP

--The Rising of The Shield Hero Relive the Animation--

Platform : Android

Video Gameplay

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