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Talking About Legend RPG Developer from Square Enix in 2022 and Released Mobile Android Game Remastered or Newest Games

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Discuss the well-known developer that produces the "Legendary RPG Game" from the time I used to still play on PS 1 / PSX, I used to play Saga Frontier, Legend of Mana, Chocobo Racing, etc. Even before on the Snes console, the previous console also released the titles of some games, Well, something has been remastered to mobile platforms, both Android and iOS
if in 2022 there are new ones among them
"Echo Of Mana" and "Legend of Mana Remastered" are really fun games for those of you who like games." This RPG is a game recommendation from this Legendary Developer from Square Enix.

Well, there is also another newest game with a contemporary feel, namely the Battle royal series game "Final Fantasy First Soldier", which was released last year in 2021 at the end of November, which is relatively new and the game is unique, Battle royal themed RPG.

/Bahas Developer ternama penghasil Game" RPG Legendaris dari masa mimin dulu masih main di PS 1 / PSX dulu pernah main Saga Frontier, Legend of Mana, Chocobo Racing, dll bahkan sebelumnya di konsol Snes gen Konsol sebelumnya juga ada yang rilis juga judul beberapa gamenya, nah ada yang di Remastered ke Mobile platform baik itu Android dan iOS
kalo di tahun 2022 ada yang baru diantaranya
"Echo Of mana" dan "Legend of Mana Remastered" gamenya memang seru buat kalian yang suka game" RPG mimin rekomendasi game dari Developer Legendaris Dari Square enix ini. 

nah ada juga game terbaru lainnya masih dengan nuansa kekinian yakni game Battle royal series "Final fantasy First Soldier" yang rilis tahun kemarin 2021 akhir November tergolong baru juga dan gamenya unik Battle royal bertema RPG .

This My Recommendation New Mobile Android Game From Square Enix in 2022 :

1. Legend Of Mana Download

2. Saga frontier  Download

3. FFVII The First Soldier  Download

4. Echoes Of Mana Download

5. Actraiser Renaissance   Download

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/Ada request bahas developer Mobile legend lainnya? next time mimin bahas dari Gameloft, Kairosoft, Konami, EA, Rockstar, Ubisoft, infinite Dreams, SNK, Rovio Entertainment, Handygames, Car X

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