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Steins Gate Android Patch English Language Anime Visual Novel

Patch English Download Below

Step 1: Download Steins Gate from the Play store: Download

The patch should work no matter how new the version is. I have the latest one as of June 2018 and the patch is from 2014.

Step 2: Download Lucky Patcher from here: Lucky Patcher V8.3.0 Download Latest APK - [OFFICIAL WEBSITE]

Don't download it anywhere besides the official site.

Step 3 (maybe optional): Start Steins Gate and go through like 5 seconds of dialogue, then close the app

Also when you start the app it will ask you where you want it's directory to be. Just click the one on the far left so it's in the default place.

Step 4 (without root): Open Lucky Patcher then find Steins Gate in the list of apps. Once you've found it click on it and click "Menu of Patches" - "Create modified APK File" - "Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation" - "Go to file" - "Uninstall and install".

Step 4 (with root): Open Lucky Patcher then find Steins Gate in the list of apps. Once you've found it click on it and click "Menu of Patches", then click on "Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation".

Step 5: Start Steins Gate and click on "Buy In" (lower left), it will ask you if you want to fake the purchase, click yes. Then the app will restart and ask if you want to download the voice files. Clicking no ("いいえ") closes the app, so click yes ("はい").

Now you have the full version. .. but it's in Japanese. The next steps will patch it to English.

If you bought the game you can just continue from here too.

Step 6: Download the English patch from here: Download

The file is SG_Android_Eng_beta_1.0.5.zip.

There's a translated apk link there too but ignore it, the link is dead. Ignore the instructions there on how to get it to work too. I followed them and it didn't work, hence making this guide.

Step 7: Extract the archive. If you have no extractor app, I recommend ZArchiver.

Step 8: Move the files inside the "files" folder in SG_Android_Eng_beta_1.0.5 to Android/data/com.mages.steinsgate/files. Don't move the the actual "files" folder, only what is in that folder.

If you have any errors encountered, feel free to write it down below this thread!


PPSSPP / PSP Steins Gate Version English patched

(Use PSP emulator with PPSSPP)

Cara install game

1. Install apk
2. Extract obb
3. Copy hasil extract ke folder internal/android/obb
4. Play game offline

Cara patch English

1. Extract file patch english .Zip
2. Hasil extract copy ke folder internal/android/data/com.mages.steinsgates/files
3. pilih replace kemudian ok
4. Selamat sekarang sudah berubah ke bahasa Inggris dari japan

Visual novel game. Menurut Mimin anime scfi terbaik nih dengan judul yang sama dengan gamenya rilis di Android. Merupakan tentang ilmuan tokoh utama Okarin (okabe rintaro) dia menyelamatkan teman dan dunia dengan mesin waktu menceritakan antara dunia real - pararel di awal cerita cukup membingungkan bikin dibuat penasaran :v... full size game 1.5gb apk+obb tersedia di playstore
Visual novel game. According to Mimin the best scfi anime with the same title as the game released on Android. It is about the scientist of the main character Okarin (okabe rintaro) who saves friends and the world with a time machine telling between the real world - parallel at the beginning of the story is quite confusing to make curious: v ... full size game 1.5gb apk + obb available in playstore

Informasi : .
◾Title: Steins;Gate
◾Genre:  Visual novel, Anime
◾Gameplay: Point n klik / tap tap.
◾Year: 2013
◾Size: 1.5gb apk + obb
◾Region: Gobal, Japan.
◾Graphic quality: HD
◾Internet: Offline
◾Multiplayer: -
◾Gamepad: -
◾Android: Jellybean+
◾Rating: 4.5 from 5
◾Playstore : Yes (Free game)
◾Developer: Mages

Video Gameplay

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