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Smartphone Tycoon 2 Mobile ANDROID Simulation 2019

(Mod Version)
(Original Version)

Smartphone tycoon is
Games that allow us to make cellphones or smartphones with our own specifications and our own models. Btw, mimin, play the mod version. If you want the original source, it's on the Playstore, you can also play it non-mod or original, it's more exciting, the game size is 97mb

/Smartphone tycoon adalah
Game yang memungkinkan kita bisa bikin hp atau smartphone dengan spesifikasi kita sendiri dan model kita sendiri. Btw mimin main versi mod nya Kalo kalian mau source asli ada di Playstore juga bisa dimainkan non mod alias original lebih seru size game 97mb

Info Game
Title : Smartphone Tycoon 2
Genre : Simulation
Year : 2019
Dev/Pub : Roastery games
Platform : Android
Store : Playstore (Free Game)
Rating : 3.8 from 5

Video Gameplay

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