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Castaway Adventure Forgotten Stories APK 150mb Game Mobile Now 2021

Explore the island to find a way out of an island and adventure with the beauty of nature

/Menjelajahi pulau untuk mencari jalan keluar dari sebuah pulau dan berpetualang dengan keindahan alam

Title: Castaway adventure
Genre: Adventure
Mode : Offline
Size : apk+obb: 150 mb 
Platform : Android
Year : 2021

Castaway - an adventure mobile application that combines elements of a puzzle and a quest, the protagonist of which is a young guy Kai. The key character loves to travel and solve mysterious secrets. Once the hero was lucky enough to find himself on an unusual deserted peninsula. This picturesque island is unremarkable only at first glance, because it hides an incredible amount of interactive objects, jewelry, priceless artifacts and other mysterious things. To detect them, the user needs to explore the locations with special care and use imagination in order to solve difficult tasks.

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