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Warlod Sengoku Jidai New Mobile Android Strategy in 2022

About this game
Play as one of the Daimyo in Japan in
1550. Conquer others and become the Shogun!
Warlord: Sengoku Jidai is a round based strategy game where you can play as one of the 67 Clans. Set in the
1550 Japan, the country is heading to a tumultuouus era where the authority of the Shogun is at its lowest.
Warlords known as Daimyos who were once the
governor of a province would soon rose throughout
the country, waging war with neighboring provinces
and disturbing the peace.
Your duty, should you accept, is to bring back peace by uniting other clans under your rule. Although, if by becoming a Shogun could help you bring back peace faster, the decision is entirely up to you.
Play as one of the 67 Clans

Fix for game stuck on the loading page
Fix for total population and total workers not being

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