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Old Retro game Xperia Play Optimized Star Battalion

Star Battalion Space ship game kapal gameloft legend android offline game 

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2. Install .apk game
3. Copy atau taruh data di /internal/
4. Play offline


Finally found an old school game with the title Star Battalion that can and is comfortable to play. Actually, I've been looking for it for quite a while, because I'm curious why this game is being sought after. And it turned out to be fun. An airplane game with gameplay and controls similar to the Sky Gambler game. The only difference is that the planes in this game are designed more towards fantasy in the style of the Star Wars or Star Trek series. Even though it's old school, the graphics of the game can be said to be good. But the main point of this game is the exciting gameplay.

For those who like or have played H.A.W.K and Sky gambler games, this game has a control scheme similar to the two games. Namely by using the tilt control. It would be too long to explain, after all, I'm sure players also know what tilt control is. Actually there are 2 kinds of controls in this game, only for the version that I share this time, only the tilt controller works. So when you first play, change the control type to tilt control in the game settings, so that the plane can be moved.

What's a little unique about the controls is that there is a reverse mode that can be done with a swipe. Swipe the screen down or up, then the plane will turn backwards. Effective to counter attacks from enemies behind. Then do a side roll to avoid enemy fire, which can be done by swiping horizontally left or right. There are 2 types of shots in this game, one laser weapon that can be used is unlimited, the other is a rocket weapon with only 10 bullets. Rocket bullets will chase targets or enemies that have been locked. The trick is simply to hold and aim at the enemy until there is a red circle which means it is ready to be fired.

Video Gameplay :

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