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Escape from the 70s Game Android Mobile HDR Like RTX On Graphics

For those of you who want Android offline games, HD graphics equivalent to GTA 10, try this game. Equipped with rtx features, and not dotted, not like epep
With a decent size of 1 GB, even a potato cell phone can play

This latest game still doesn't have a goal or story with the theme of the 70's feel, you can feel it, there are things from the 70's too
Escape from the 70s, based on a puzzle genre story..

/Buat kalian yang mau game offline Android, HD grafik setara GTA 10, cobain nih game. Dilengkapi fitur rtx, dan gak burik, gak kayak epep 
Dengan size yang lumayan yaitu 1 gb, pastinya hp kentang pun bisa main

Paling ini game masih belum ada tujuan atau story dengan tema nuansa 70 an nya sangat terasa, ada benda benda dari tahun 70 an juga
escape from the 70's, genre puzzle story based..

Studying the work of a professor who is engaged in the theory of time travel, you yourself find yourself in his apartment from the 70s from where you must escape today. You need to solve the riddles left by the professor in order to escape back home.

- atmospheric graphics in 3D
- items recreated from photographs of the 70s
- paid great attention to detail
- collect and use items
- solve problems
- explore locations
- escape from the USSR
- realistic graphics

Escape from the 70s will give you the opportunity to fully experience the atmosphere of that time.
Solve riddles and escape!

Video Gameplay

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