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Egg of defense 90mb APM Game Mobile Android Offline in 2022

Title: Egg of defense
Genre: ACTION. Tower defense. 
Mode : Offline
Size apk:90 mb 
Versi 1.4.0 (1040001)
Diupdate 24 Feb 2022
Developer natsukaze
ID com.natsukaze.eod
Instal 100+

Category Games, Action
GAME Hack and Slash Defense Egg of Defense
Warrior tower defense. Full of replay elements like hack and slash and training elements.

The Egg of Defense has only one purpose. Protect the "eggs".

You can fight for yourself. You can hire mercenaries to fight. You can also build a strong fortress and devote yourself to protection.
Win the battle with a free strategy.

◆ Features ◆
-Freely move around the field and defeat the monsters that appear from the gate!
・ Fusion of action from TPS perspective + tower din fence
・ Can't you protect yourself? In such a case, set up a mercenary to strengthen your defense.
-Build your own fortress with blocks and stairs. Let's wait for the enemy.
・ Get the treasure and get more powerful power.
・ Get a weapon by clearing the stage. Fight against mighty enemies in search of the strongest weapons.
・ No stamina offline. You can do everything in solo play.

◆ Recommended for people like this ◆
・ I like battle games that I control myself
・ I like defense kaeng, but I also love battles with swords and bows.
・ I like warriors games
・ I love open worlds
・ I like games such as hack and slash and training
・ If you devise a strategy (tactics), it will not stop
・ RPGs tend to choose warriors

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