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Alien food invasion action shooter game Mobile Android mod APK Version 100mb


Game nice and fun for playing this game action shooter cartoon Graphics playable for all Android low-mid end devices this recommendation for fun time

Info Game
Title: Alien food invasion
Genre: Action. Shooter
Mode : Offline
Size apk: 100 mb
Year : 2021
Dev/Pub : Fun Flavor Game
Platform : Android
Store : Playstore (Free Game)
Rating : 4.2 from 5.0
Feature mod immortality, one hit kill 
mod unlimited money 

They came from the depths of a galaxy far, far away. Their plan: wipe out humanity. But from the moment they landed on your farm, everything went wrong! This is the story of a failed invasion and a great alien BBQ.

Improve your family and your farm, hunt down aliens and create delicious meals to sell them to your hungry customers. Control your beloved family members in exciting missions with trigger happy Edward, his heavily armed wife Grace and their axe wielding daughter Liz. Become rich, famous and well fed. It's time to defeat the alien invasion!

* fight evil aliens in 200 delicious missions
* level up and upgrade your family members
* discover powerful equipment
* explore 45 crazy weapons
* collect 50 tasty alien dishes
* improve your weapons, armor and your food creations
* plunder alien tech to increase your afk idle loot

Video Gameplay

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