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Recommendation Games For AetherSx2 Emulator PS2 Mobile Android Fastest on Mid-Range Chipset (CPU+GPU)

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It's recommended for looking for games that are playable on SD 712 Snapdragon Chipset, except dmc 3 and mortal kombat little slowmo
Some games have 2x resolution, but if you want nostalgia, yes
Only 1x resolution is enough, the important thing is it's playable and enjoy playing via Mobile Phone Android

/Recommended nih buat cari game yg playable di sd 712 Snapdragon Chipset, kecuali dmc 3 sama mortal kombat agak slow dikit,
Beberapa game ada yg bisa reso 2x, tapi kalo mau nostalgia ya
Cukup reso 1x aja, yang penting playable Dan enjoy bermain di HP

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