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Hyper Front New FPS Game Mobile Android Like VALORANT From NetEase in 2021/2022 Ultra HD Graphics Unreal Engine 5v5

For want to try the game follow this tutorial
1. turn on vpn CANADA use ur best VPN app
2. Clear PlayStore data
3. Open the PlayStore and search for the name Hyper Front
4. if the game doesn't appear, try changing the PlayStore account and the vpn position is still on
5. Play no more vpn and enjoy FPS

/Buat Yang pingin nyobain gamenya tutorial
1. nyalakan vpn CANADA 
2. Hapus data PlayStore 
3. buka PlayStore dan cari nama Hyper Front 
4. jika tidak muncul gamenya coba ganti akun PlayStore dan posisi vpn masi menyala 
5. Mainnya tidak perlu vpn lagi dan enjoy FPS 

There's a new FPS game for Android Mobile, a game that, according to Mimin, is similar to the Mobile version of VALORANT, with today's next gen graphics and a fairly large size of 2GB++
For gameplay, why is it similar to VALORANT, yes there is a player skill that matches the character he chooses..
And the movement of players is similar, it's a bit straight, between VALORANT and the base Counterstrike, the game is fun, 5v5 players can work out with friends in the team. And beat the enemy, there's bomb mode, death match mode and other modes. OK, so much for discussing the New FPS game this week at the end of 2021 early 2022

/Ada Game FPS baru nih untuk Mobile Android game yang menurut Mimin mirip VALORANT versi Mobile ini dengan grafis next gen jaman now dan size lumayan gede 2gb++ 
Untuk gameplay kenapa mirip VALORANT ya ada skill player yang sesuai karakter yang dipilihnya.. 
Serta pergerakan player mirip sih agak lurus gitu antara VALORANT dan basis Counterstrike gamenya seru 5v5 player bisa Mabar dengan kawan se team Dan mengalahkan musuh ada mode bom, mode Deatch match dan mode lainnya. Oke sekian bahas game FPS Baru pekan ini di akhir tahun 2021 awal 2022

Link Store :


Info Game
Title: Hyper Front (Projek M)
Size: 2GB
Multiplayer : 5v5
Status: Early Access
STORE : PlayStore (Free Game)
Platform : Android
DEV/ Pub : NetEase 
Year : 2021/2022


Video Gameplay

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