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Sport Car 3 Taxi & Police New Mobile Android Game in 2021 Offline Can Multiplayer Availability

It is an open world simulation game with a fairly wide map
Players can serve as police / taxis, but players can do other things such as racing, and other modes are available (check ss below). In addition to the wide map in this game, there are also quite a lot of npc (can be set. If you feel lag), you can set it. The time and the weather, there are police (if hit, they are automatically chased), there are pedestrians (which can be hit), there are traffic lights (if you cross a red light you will be fined money) but don't worry who shares this mod version. And quite realistic game

This game is quite light on my cellphone, I've set it. Full graphics &
the number of npc is set. High is still pretty smooth.
For the game's own features, there are also many. The car modification features are quite complete: can change the sound of the horn, can change the exhaust sound, can change the siren sound (which sounds unique? etc.), the driver also has several options.
And besides being offline, in this game you can also have online local multiplayer (by creating rooms and being able to hang out with friends) for this local multiplayer feature, I haven't tried it yet.
Disadvantages of this game: the control is not comfortable & the turning is a bit difficult / heavy (especially during sharp turns) & unfortunately the driver can't get out of the car, even though there is a button to open the car door. If you can't do it, it'll be even better

/Merupakan game simulasi open world dengan map yg cukup luas
Player bisa bertugas menjadi polisi / taxi, tapi player bisa melakukan hal lain seperti balapan, dan tersedia mode lain (cek ss dibawah). Selain map luas di game ini npc jg cukup banyak (bisa diset. Kalo dirasa lag), bisa diset. Waktu & cuaca nya, ada polisi (jika disenggol auto dikejar), ada pejalan kaki (yg bisa ditabrak), ada lampu lintas (kalo nerobos lampu merah kena denda uang) tapi tenang yg share ini versi mod. Dan Cukup realistis gamenya

Game ini cukup ringan di hp gw, udh gw set. Full grafis &
jumlah npc udh set. High masih cukup lancar.
Untuk fitur game sendiri jg ada banyak. Fitur modifikasi mobil yg cukup lengkap: bisa ganti suara klakson, bisa ganti suara knalpot, bisa ganti suara sirine (yg suara unik? jg), bisa ganti modif bagian luar & dalam mobil (seperti ganti stir nya, kursi, radio, persneling nya, dll), pengemudi pun ada beberapa pilihan.
Dan selain offline, di game ini jg bisa online local multiplayer (dengan buat room dan bisa mabar sama temen) untuk fitur local multiplayer ini gw blom coba.
Kekurangan game ini: kontrol nya kurang nyaman & belok nya agak susah / berat (khususnya pas tikungan tajam) & sayang nya pengemudi ga bisa keluar mobil, padahal ada tombol buat buka pintu mobil. Kalo aja bisa pasti lebih mantep nih

APK Mod Version

APK Non Mod Original

Name Game: Sport Car 3 Taxi & Police
Developer : SportCarGames
Mode: Offline
Size: 153 mb
Full Size: 227 mb
Version: 1.02.024 (latest version)
Genre : Simulation, Open World, Racing
Requirement : Android 4.0 and up
Store : Playstore (free)
Year : 2021
Multiplayer : Yes Local Wifi / Wlan

Video Gameplay

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