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Nostalgia " Game n Watch " Now On Android Mobile Phone in 2021-2022 (LDC Retro Games)

For Mimin, this time it's really Nostalgic by discussing this post about the Handheld game, which maybe a child born in the 90s, cruel, Game n watch type, the first time I played the Cowboy game, then Donkey Kong jr, etc. I used to be a little nostalgic when I was renting school with Gameboy, now if the game n watch was cheaper per 5 minutes, I'm really nostalgic when I rented with my brother "Gimbot during school breaks. Maybe now the toys are on HP, now for Nostalgia on a mobile phone, you can try and it has been released too on Playstore in 2021-2022 it's free with a size of 56mb and the full list of games:

/Untuk Mimin kali ini benar-benar Nostalgia dengan membahas postingan kali ini Tentang permainan Handheld yang mungkin anak kelahiran tahun 90an kejamanan jenis Game n watch , dulu pertama main ya game Cowboy itu terus Donkey Kong jr , dll. Dulu sedikit nostalgia pas jaman sekolah rentalan dengan gameboy nah klo game n watch lebih murah per 5 menitnya kwkwkw nostalgia banget dulu nyewa sama Abang" Gimbot waktu istirahat sekolah . Mungkin sekarang pada mainannya di HP nah untuk Nostalgia di mobile Phone bisa nyoba dan sudah rilis juga di Playstore di Tahun 2021-2022 free dengan size 56mb berikut full list gamenya :

Aerogun Field (Tronica 1987)
Ncha! Bycha (Dr. Slump Arale part III) (Popy Electronics 1982)
Autoslalom (Elektronika 1991)
Barrier (Liwaco 198?)
Bartman (Acclaim 1990)
Castle Adventure (Casio 1988)
Caveman (Nintendo Game&Watch)
Coffee House (Sunwing)
Donkey Kong Jr. (Nintendo Game&Watch 1982)
Donkey Kong (Nintendo Game&Watch 1982)
Fishing Boy (Gakken 1983)
Nu, pogodi! (Elektronika 1988)
Space Bridge (Elektronika 1988)
Merry Cook (Elektronika 1989)
Mickey & Donald (Nintendo Game&Watch 1982)
Octopus (Nintendo Game&Watch 1981)
Parachute (Nintendo Game&Watch 1981)
Penguin Land (Q&Q)
Pirate 777 (Sunwing)
Plane & Tank (Mini Arcade)
Search Light (Gakken 1981)
Sub Attack
The Terminator (Tiger Electronics, INC. 1988)
Thief in Garden (Tronica 1983)
Zelda (Nintendo Game&Watch 1989)

Screenshot :

Title : LDC Retro Games Collection
Genre : Arcade
Size : 56mb
Dev/Pub : Cupral
Year : 2021
Platform : Android
Store : Playstore (Free Game)
Rating : 5 from 5

Video Gameplay

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