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Modern Action Warfare 500mb FPS Mobile Android Game Offline Like CS GO and CODM 2021-2022

(Mod Version)


(Original Version)


this is a game similar to cs go and CODM according to Mimin the TDM game or a Mode similar to Multiplayer mode in CODM only this can be played offline for pretty good graphics with a size not too big 500mb apk full size
Suitable for those of you who like FPS games, feel like CS Go, there is a Death Match mode, Bomb Mode, Sniper Mode Capture Flag Etc. for Sound bgm and voice actors are indeed quite good according to Mimin, at least modern FPS games already have BGM.

/ini game mirip cs go dan CODM menurut Mimin game TDM atau Mode mirip Multiplayer mode di CODM cuman ini bisa dimainkan secara Offline untuk grafis cukup bagus dengan size tidak terlalu besar 500mb apk full size
Cocok buat kalian yang suka game FPS feel Mirip CS Go ada mode Deatch Match, Mode Bomb, Mode sniper, Capture Flag Dll untuk Sound bgm dan pengisi suara memang cukup bagus menurut Mimin setidaknya game FPS modern sudah ada BGM nya.

Full size:500mb
DEV/Pub : Alpha Strike
Genre : FPS
YEAR : 2021
STORE : Playstore (Free Game).
Platform : Android
Rating : 4.0 from 5

Video Gameplay

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