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Google TENSOR New Chipset - SoC Mobile Phone in 2021 From Google Pixel 6 Pro Tested Gaming Review

In 2021 there is a new breakthrough from Google, which previously Google had released its own brand of Android cellphone, the Pixel Series Phone, now this time it is different, previously, Google Pixel always used a Chipset from Snapdragon or Qualcomm this time made the decision to use a Chipset / SoC. / New CPU+GPU processor, namely Google TENSOR, indeed previously the name TENSOR was opened for the first time from Google products, namely they had developed an AI System or TPU TENSOR PROCESSING UNIT Integrated Circuit Neural Network called TENSOR
Indeed, a new innovation from Google on the Pixel 6 Pro in 2021 with HP and new forms of innovation, for example in terms of the position of the rear camera, the Google TENSOR Chipset, Equipped with 12GB RAM and a 5000mah rhino capacity battery, that's the short specifications..
After being tested, some great games can beat today's Android games such as Genshin Impact, Call Of Duty Mobile and PSP Emulators, 3DS, DAMONPS2, AND Amazing Can Go Head to Head Google TENSOR with Snapdragon 888 on High Performance AnTuTu Score.

/Di Tahun 2021 ada gebrakan baru dari Google yang sebelumnya memang Google sudah merilis HP Android brandnya sendiri yaitu Pixel Series Phone nah yang baru kali ini memang beda yang sebelumnya memang Google Pixel selalu memakai Chipset dari Snapdragon atau Qualcomm kali ini membuat keputusan untuk memakai Chipset / SoC / Prosesor CPU+GPU Baru yakni Google TENSOR memang sebelumnya Nama TENSOR buka kali pertama dari produk Google yaitu mereka telah mengembangkan Sistem AI Atau TPU TENSOR PROCESSING UNIT Intergrated Circuit Neural Network yang bernama TENSOR
Memang invosi baru dari Google pada Pixel 6 Pro di Tahun 2021 dengan HP dan Bentuk inovasi baru misal segi posisi camera belakang Chipset TENSOR Google Dibekali RAM 12gb dan Baterai kapasitas badak 5000mah begitulah spesifikasi singkatnya..
Setelah di Test beberapa game mantap bisa melibas game Android masa kini seperti Genshin Impact, Call Of Duty Mobile dan Emulator PSP, 3DS, DAMONPS2, DAN Menakjubkan Bisa Head to Head Google TENSOR dengan Snapdragon 888 pada Score AnTuTu nya High Perfomance.

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Video Review By @ Eta Prime

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