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How To Custom Android TV Box STB For Retro Gaming Based Linux Batocera in 2021

On this occasion Mimin discusses Android TV Boxes that we can change or modify for custom Retro Gaming with Linux Batocera Base OS here Mimin uses Amlogic s905x p212 chipset devices with Quadcore CPU specifications, 2GB Ram, Wifi, and with an additional 32GB Micro-SD for save the Batocera OS file so that it will be Dual Boot later for Android and one for Batocera, yes, with a note that the TV Box is feature-upgradeable or already rooted, following the DTB model of the TV Box driver that can be modified or custom:

/Pada kesempatan kali ini Mimin bahas TV Box Android yang bisa kita rubah atau modifikasi untuk custom Retro Gaming dengan OS Basis Linux Batocera disini Mimin menggunakan Devices chipset Amlogic s905x p212 dengan Spesifikasi CPU Quadcore, Ram 2gb, Wifi, dan Dengan Tambahan Micro-sd 32gb untuk menyimpan File OS Batocera jadi nanti Dual Boot untuk Android dan satu untuk Batocera ya dengan Catatan TV Box nya yang upgradable fitur atau Sudah di root.
Berikut Model DTB driver TV Box yang bisa di Modif atau di Custom :

More Devices Check Here Visit

Oke Tutorial Install Batocera Linux :

A. Download BalenaEtcher + Install For Burn Img to Micro-sd Download

B. Firmware OS Batocera Linux Download

C. Open BalenaEtcher and Load Img Batocera i use micro SD 32gb
Load info file Batocera Image img

D. Wait till finish

E. Use DTB For Ur devices use correct DTB this tutorial DTB For Correct Architecture for TV box example 

  1. Ignore/close the Windows dialogs to format the inserted microSD card
  2. Open the microSD card in Explorer and open the /boot directory
  3. Find the .dtb file that corresponds to your Android TV box and copy the full file name this for example my devices architecture driver

    meson-gxm-q201.dtb = s912
    meson-gxm-q200.dtb = s912

  4. Navigate back to the root of the SD card and into /extlinux
  5. Edit the extlinux.conf file in a text editor
  6. Paste the full dtb file name on the FDT line
    FDT /boot/meson-gxm-q201.dtb
  7. Safely remove the SD card from the PC and 
And put micro SD to TV Box for Rooted devices or unlocked use Terminal Emulator type
1. su
2. reboot update

Some TV Box devices With hidden Button (in back from audio jack or like reset button) for update will work too for entering Boot from Micro-sd, (Press hidden button+Power) and boot from Micro-sd done.

Enjoy with Ur Costom Retro Gaming Batocera Linux

This First Booting
Custom Theme Comic
Nice interface and Many lots of System Emulator Like NES, Gameboy, GBA, Sega, PSP, PSX etc
Simple and based pure for Emulator enjoy And Play Nostalgic
My Version Firmware this version will compatible with my TV box Amlogic s905x I try for new firmware it no work. Only this version Batocera 5.24 is Stable For My Device TV Box Android STB

For  S905X Old firmware check here Download

For Add Games Use SFTP or Wlan Transfer ROMs file Games example Userdata/ROMs/(NES,GB,GBC,GBA,SNES,... etc)

  • Add them from a different computer while Batocera is running, through Screenshot showing BATOCERA showing up in the Network section of File Explorer on Windows.
  • Use WinSCP to transfer from another computer to the Batocera machine via SSH/SFTP.
For SFTP connection to ur WiFi Address on Batocera 

Username : root
Password : linux

Video Tutorial + Gameplay

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