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TheoTown 70mb APK Simulation Game For Android & iOS Mode Offline

Including the old city-building simulation Android game which was released in 2015 on Playstore. The size of the small minimalist game is only 70MB

Anyone like to play building games? Here is a recommendation for a bulding simulator game. Yes, even though the graphics are a bit like the old school The Sims game, the building and improvement system in the game is very complete. Weather changes and effects from night and day are also available [Depending on Map].

/Termasuk game lawas Android simulasi membangun kota yang rilis tahun 2015 silam di Playstore Size game minimalis kecil cuman 70mb an

Ada yang suka main game building? nih ada satu rekomendasi game bulding simulator, Ya walaupun grafik nya rada mirip game The sims jadul, tapi Bangunan dan sistem improvement dalam game nya lengkap banget Pergantian Cuaca dan Efek dari malam siang juga ada [Tergantung Map].

(Mod version for APK Android)


Link Store


Title : TheoTown
Full size : 75mb offline
Year : 2015
Store : (Playstore Free Games)
Dev/Pub : BlueFlower
Rating : 4.6 out of 5
Mode : Offline
Genre : Simulation

Video Gameplay

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