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Polyfield FPS New Mobile Game Android Multiplayer Offline Mode via Wifi-Hotspot in 2021


Here, for those who are looking for a game similar to Battlefield but offline, even though the graphics and characters are city boxes in the style of Polygon Graphics, but the map is not square, only the characters are wide and the most exciting, this game can be Multiplayer Offline via Wlan or Wifi
New game in 2021 available on Playstore

/Nih buat yang nyari game Mirip Battlefield tapi offline walaupun grafis dan karakternya kotak kota ala Grafis Polygon tapi map nya ga kotak cuman karakternya kotak map nya luas dan paling seru ini game bisa Multiplayer Offline via Wlan atau Wifi, Game Baru rilis di tahun 2021

Title : Polyfield
Genre : FPS
Multiplayer : Yes (via Wlan / WiFi)
Dev / Pub : Mohammed Alizade
Year : 2021
Store : Playstore (Early Access)
Platform : Android

Video Gameplay

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