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Review Let's Survive New Android Game Early Access on Playstore in 2021

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Kali ini Mimin bahas lagi game offline size kecil tapi bagus, punya grafis yg bagus untuk size kecil, Game masih tahap pengembangan dan kabar nya di-update selanjutnya akan ada mode online multiplayer nya.

Merupakan game survival mirip last day on earth tapi size lebih kecil dan visual cukup bagus. Ada banyak lokasi yg bisa datangi untuk mengumpulkan resource buat bahan crafting benda, senjata , makanan, dan lain2 agar terus bisa survive dari zombie.

Game yg cocok buat yg suka game survival dg size kecil. Kalo gak salah nih game pas masih size 30 mb sekarang setelah sekian banyak update jadi 60 mb an, sebelumnya kontrol nya di tap atau touch tapi sekarang udh pake analog virtual jadi lebih enak & nyaman.

/This time Mimin will discuss again a small but good size offline game, it has good graphics for a small size, the game is still in the development stage and the news is that it will be updated, there will be an online multiplayer mode.

It is a survival game similar to last day on earth but smaller in size and visually quite good. There are many locations that you can visit to collect resources for crafting objects, weapons, food, and so on so that you can continue to survive from zombies.

A game that is suitable for those who like survival games with a small size. If I'm not mistaken, this game is still 30MB in size, now after so many updates it's 60MB. Previously, the controls were tapped or touched, but now I'm using virtual analog, so it's more comfortable and convenient.

Title: Let's Survive
Mode: ofline
Size: 66 mb
Genre: Survival, Action

Video Gameplay

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