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Bully Anniversary Edition Time back to School in 2021 Game Android Offline support Android OS 10

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Pada suatu hari ada anak sekolahan yang bernama sebut saja jimy haha :D anak dikit nakal tpi kocak dia sekolah di Bullworth Academy terdapat banyak cerita yg seru dari dia masih cupu sampai dia sukses awalnya si jimy  pemeran utama game dipengaruhi oleh gery karna emang dia adalah tokoh antagonis / tokoh jahat dalam game ini si jimy banyak di suruh awalnya 

/Game story
One day there was a schoolgirl named Jimy haha: D a little naughty kid but it's funny when she goes to Bullworth Academy there are lots of exciting stories from her being lousy until she was successful at first, Jimy, the game's main character was influenced by Gery because he was a character The antagonist / evil character in this game Jimy was told a lot at first

      kemudian di sekolah juga terdapat banyak pelajaran yg bisa dimainkan dari pelajaran kimia bahasa seni dll sehingga akan ada fiture yg bisa dibuka apabila si jimy bisa menyelesaikan misi sekolah / misi lainnya yg paling seru dalam game ini si jimy bisa punya pacar wkwkwk dari pacaryg bening smpe yg biasa aja :v si pacar itu harus nemenin dlu main atau menyelesaikan misinya hahaha kaya real aja :D kemudian si jimy pemeran utama akan terdapat chapter2 yg di selesaikan smpe tamat akhirnya ada moment tawuran saat si jimy vs gerry. sekian itu sinopsis / potongan keseluruhan cerita game bully 

/Then at school there are also many lessons that can be played from chemistry lessons, arts, so there will be features that can be unlocked if Jimy can complete school / other missions. The most exciting in this game Jimy can have a girlfriend from a clear girlfriend. the usual thing: v the boyfriend must accompany him to play or complete the mission hahaha just like real: D then Jimy, the main character, will have chapters that are finished until the end, finally there is a moment of fighting when Jimy vs Gerry. that's a synopsis / piece of the whole story of the bully game

 Bersiap pergi ke sekolah belajar dulu
/Ready for schooling
Nyari gebetan dulu kebetulan jomblo :D
/Search my girlfriend also
Jalan jalan cari angin nih si Jimy
/Enjoy for walking in the school
 Pertarungan epic by 1
/Epic fighting one by one
 Suasana dalam asrama sekolah
/Situation on the camp
Jujur main bully kaya the Sims bustin out GBA tetapi agak mirip open world dan ada unsur duniawi
/Like the Sims game Simulation schooling but Action genre also

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(Tested Android OS 10 )

Info :
◾Title: Bully.
◾Genre: TPS, Openworld
◾Gameplay: Action, Virtual Analog.
◾Year: 2016.
◾Size : 3gb apk+obb.
◾Region: Global.
◾Graphic quality: HD.
◾Internet: Offline.
◾Multiplayer: -.
◾Gamepad: Yes
◾Android: Lolipop+ 
◾Rating: 4.5 from 5.
◾Playstore : Yes (paid game)
◾Developer: Rockstar games

Video Gameplay


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