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Custom Theme - Skins Citra 3DS Android Emulator (Switch, Monster Hunter, New3DS dll)


Citra MMJ (support Theme)

Skins Theme Monster Hunter

Skins Theme switch grey


1. Install Citra Emulator 3DS Android new version

2. Copy file skins Theme to folder Internal/Citra-emu/theme/

3. Open setting Citra

4. Select new Theme 

5. setting layout display default (for landscape theme)

6. Setting edit button and layout 

7. Play and enjoy with Theme skins

Kali ini Mimin share skins Atau theme buat Citra Emulator 3DS android karena versi sekarang sudah support buat custom Theme pilihan sendiri dengan versi Citra MMJ terbaru yang Mimin Link download diawal page dan Theme telah disediakan , memperindah tampilan Emulator biar tidak bosan.. oke sekian pembahasan kali ini mengenai custom Theme Emulator Citra 3DS mmj Android

/This time Mimin shares skins or themes for the Android 3DS Emulator Citra because the current version supports custom themes of your own choice with the latest Citra MMJ version that Mimin Link downloads at the beginning of the page and the Theme has been provided, beautifying the appearance of the Emulator so you don't get bored ... This is about the custom 3DS MMJ Android Emulator Citra Theme

Video tutorial


Skins new 3DS landscape background

Catatan : 
Hanya skins Theme Ini replace ke folder/internal/Citra-emu/Theme/default.zip(masukan ke Zip archive dalam ini)

Only this Theme skins replace to the folder / internal / Citra-emu / Theme / default.zip (enter the Zip archive in this)

Setting select Theme default

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