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Horn Infinity Blade Game Mobile Android APK Action

Is an adventure game with other Infinity Blade style battles. which is supported by very good graphics. The controls and battle game are unexpected when playing this game for the first time. We only need to point to the place we want to go to move the character, while what I thought before was using the virtual joy stick. In battle, this is actually exciting gameplay.
In terms of gameplay, it is similar to the series
Infinity Blade, but the difference is that the character's movements are faster and they can roll to avoid attacks as well as look for gaps to attack.
The story in the game begins with people and animals in a city being cursed and turning into monsters and strange creatures. Players will fight alone to free these people and animals from the existing curse. Sometimes the monsters or creatures they encounter are not friendly, therefore players have to use their swords to eradicate them. Sometimes in adventures, players are also required to


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