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Now AAA Games PC on iPhone in 2023 With Chips A17 Pro Gaming

@gamemobilenow Indeed, now is the time for mobile gaming to become truly portable. The latest iPhone 15 Pro & Max series have introduced a new breakthrough by being able to run the latest AAA native games at 30fps, equipped with the latest Apple A17 chip. It is even possible that the performance could exceed 60fps+ based on early release information. Titles like Assassin's Creed, RE, and more can now be played on these iPhones. Apple Arcade also offers many exclusive premium games, such as Ocean Horn 2, which is not available on Android unless using an emulator. Hopefully, Android will catch up soon!

/@gamemobilenow Benar sekarang dimana kata" akan mobile pada waktunya portable gaming
 yaps betul sekarang gebrakan baru dari iPhone terbaru 15pro & max series bisa menjalankan Native games terbaru sekelas AAA masa kini dengan 30fps dengan dibekali Chip A17 terbaru apple info saat perilisan awal tidak menutup kemungkinan bisa lebih 60fps+  dengan judul games seperti Assassin Creed, RE, dll dimana memang apple arcade tuh banyak games eklusif yang game premiumnya aman, contohnya Ocean Horn 2 tuh gak ada di Androidnya, kecuali ya pake Emulator.. 

Nah semoga saja Android bisa menyusul :v

Video Gameplay

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