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Lets talk About Emulators On Android Now

The correct phrase would be "everything will be mobile in due time.. :D" It's incredible how many game emulators can now be played on the latest Android mobile devices. The newest addition is the Yuzu Switch emulator. Can you guess what emulator might come next? Personally, I'm hoping for a PS3 emulator 😂 Oh, I almost forgot to mention the Symbian EKA2L1 emulator that was recently released. Now we can play classic games from the Nokia era on modern Android smartphones. Feel free to add any other emulators you may know of!

/Kata yang tepat adalah semua akan mobile pada waktunya.. :D 
tidak terasa sudah banyak emulator games yang bisa dimainkan di Mobile Android yang terbaru adalah Yuzu Switch emulator,
nah tebak apakah selanjutnya bakalan ada emulator apalagi? klo mimin berharap emulator PS3 😂

*ada yang terlewat emulator Symbian EKA2L1 yang kemarin" sudah rilis juga kita bisa memainkan games jadul jamanan Nokia di HP Android masa kini, mungkin ada yang mau menambahkan...

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