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Actraiser Renaissance Platformer action game mobile Android NOW

I didn't really expect that we could play this new game faster.
Considering that other games from this famous developer have not yet appeared in the free version.
What else if not Trials of Mana! I don't know when I can share this game here. Even though there are already many players who want to play the game. There are those who request the game in the comments column. but it is not
you need to ask, I will definitely share it once I find a working file.
What I didn't expect from this game was its size. The problem is I thought it was just an ordinary 2D platormer game. Almost 2gb! busyet, and even then it only consists of one apk file. Luckily, it can be installed on Ratel Cell SD835 Oreo's favorite potato HP. It runs quite lightly again, but with "Environmental Effects" turned off. But think carefully before downloading. Because with the APK size this big, there is a possibility that it cannot be installed on your cellphone. All risks are borne by each.
As usual, I only tried this game for a while. Just checking whether or not the game files that I share. So for story d gameplay, please explore yourself. Let's have fun


Video Gameplay

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