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Burger Bistro Story Reviews Simulation Mobile Android Game Pixel


A game from Kairosoft, which of course has simple pixel graphics, gameplay that's just like that, namely managing, and small in size. But strangely very addictive once we play.
Don't miss one other fact, the average game is also expensive. But in my opinion it's quite worth it to buy, if you can afford it. But if you object, you can download the file that I provide below. No offense, adjust to each condition.
In this game, we will manage a restaurant that sells burgers. As the title says. And as usual, we're going to start from scratch, where we just opened our store for the first time. With only 2 menus, one staff and a secretary who gives gameplay tutorials. Really from the very beginning, there was no place for customers to sit either. But this is where our starting point to success. Making our burger restaurant a famous and starred restaurant.
But that is not an easy path and we can achieve it instantly. We will go through several stages of the progress before starting for finish the goal


Video Gameplay

Info Game
📃Title : Burger Bistro Story
🎬Genre : Simulation
🎮Mode : Offline
🚻Multiplayer : -
⏱️Year : 2021
📱Platform : Android
📝Dev/Pub : Kairosoft
💾Size : 48mb+
⭐Rating :  3.8 / 5.0
🔖Store : Playstore, (Paid Game)
OS : Android 4 + Up

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