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Rune Factory Wii Version on Android With Emulator Dolphin 4gb

Rune factory 4.5gb Android play via Dolphin emu

Iso game Rune factory : Download

Dolphin emulator mmj Download
Dolphin emulator mmj Download
Dolphin emulator mmj Download

Gameplay : Rune factory frontier (play via Dolphin emu wii-gc)

Once in a while I post about the dolphin game which is fun, this is a game similar to Harvest Moon, but there are many differences in the RPG / story of the game. Here there is a Battle against monsters as well. Cobain is already fun.

/Gameplay : Rune factory frontier (play via Dolphin emu wii-gc)

Sekali2 post tentang game dolphin yang seru nih nih game mirip Harvest moon tapi banyak perbedaan lebih ke RPG / Cerita gamenya. Disini ada Battle melawan monster juga Cobain dah seru.

Game install tutorial

1. Download "Dolphin Emu" on Playstore

2. Download the game iso above "Rune Factory" you can search google also continue to extract the iso file

3. Open the Dolphin emulator that has been installed tdi

4. Settings in the Dolphin emulator, click the box symbol icon / image in the upper right corner, select the video backend "Vulkan" (if it supports Vulkan rendering) then save ok

5. Open the game iso "Rune factory" click the icon + find the game folder that was downloaded earlier

6. Start Play offline game

*Additional information on the Dolphin Emulator, according to the admin, it's equivalent to a PS2 game, even closer to the PS3 and also the Dolphin Emulator is very smooth or light-weight compared to the DamonPS2 emulator

/Tutorial install Game

1. Download "Dolphin Emu" di Playstore

2. Download game iso diatas "Rune Factory" bisa search google juga terus extract file iso

3. Buka Dolphin emulator yang sudah di install tdi

4. Setting di Dolphin emulator klik icon symbol kotak / image pojok kanan atas pilih video backend "Vulkan" (apabila support vulkan rendering) lalu save ok

5. Buka iso game "Rune factory" klik icon + cari folder gamenya yang tadi download

6. Start Play offline game 🎮

*Informasi tambahan Dolphin Emulator 🐬 menurut mimin setara Game" PS2 bahkan mendekati ps3 dan juga Dolphin Emulator sangat smooth alias lancar ringan dibanding emulator DamonPS2

Video Gameplay :


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