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Full Review About PVP Epic Battle Colossal on Ni No kuni : Cross World New MMORPG IN 2022

Besides Ni No Kuni Cross World, there are actually several new games like Tower of Fantasy and Noah Hearts. It's just that this is more exciting. According to Mimin, the Plus value is that there is a PVP mode between Guilds, like the Battle of GWH, which used to be similar to Seal Online MMORPG PC Classic, which fights a lot of brawls, "all members are solid It's like this and the Anime Studio Ghibli feel is really ok... It's possible for other games to update the PVP feature between Guilds

Oh yes, according to your observations, those of you who have tried the NEWEST CBT MMORPG Game in 2022 prefer which one as F2P (Free to Play) here, there are 3 candidates for new games including:

Ni No Kuni
Tower of Fantasy
Noah Hearts

The most important thing is that the Gatcha elements don't affect the character's stats or status. Ok, it's okay... Let's not P2W (Pay To Win) so it's fair.

/Selain Ni No Kuni Cross World sebenarnya ada beberapa games baru kaya Tower of Fantasy Dan Noah Hearts Cuman kayanya lebih seruan ini menurut Mimin nilai Plus ada mode PVP antar Guild kaya Battle GWH dulu mirip Seal Online MMORPG PC Classic yang lawan tawuran rame" semua anggota mantap kayanya ini dan Nuansa Anime Studio Ghibli memang ok banget... Tidak menutup kemungkinan game lain ada update fitur PVP antar Guild

Oh iya menurut pengamatan kalian yang sudah nyoba Game Game MMORPG CBT TERBARU di Tahun 2022 lebih prefer mana sebagai F2P (Free to Play) disini ada 3 kandidat games baru diantaranya :

Ni No Kuni
Tower Of Fantasy
Noah Hearts

Yang Terpenting kalo elements item Gatcha jangan mempengaruhi Stats atau Status karakter sih Ok Ok saja... Biar tidak P2W (Pay To Win) supaya adil / Fair.


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Platform : Android, iOS
Genre : MMORPG, Anime
Year : 2021-2022 (Updated global)
Size : 3gb++
Store : Appstore & Playstore
Mode : Online
Developer : Netmarble

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