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Warnet Bocil Simulator 2022 GAME MOBILE NOW

Another Simulation game with the theme of an internet cafe or internet cafe with a local Indonesian feel that was just released in 2022 February yesterday is already on the Playstore oh yes, this game that Miawaug plays is also an entertaining recommendation even though the gameplay and graphics are fairly decent with the Unity 3D mobile style not yet as HD Graphics Unreal engine, overall the game is very good features a lot of food and entertainment equipment..

/Game Simulation lagi dengan tema warnet atau internet cafe dengan nuansa lokal Indonesia yang baru rilis tahun 2022 February kemarin sudah ada di Playstore oh iya game yang dimainkan Miawaug juga ini Rekomendasi menghibur meski gameplay dan grafis terbilang lumayan dengan gaya unity 3D mobile belum se HD Graphics Unreal engine, secara keseluruhan gamenya sangat baik fitur banyak dari perlengkapan makanan tempat dan hiburannya..

Video Gameplay

Video Gameplay

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