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Graphic difference between PUBG Mobile, CODM, PUBG New State in 2022 Mobile BR Gaming

Discuss the differences in graphics in today's mobile games, especially the BR or Battle Royal genres in the PUBG M, CODM, PUBG NS games, even though CODM and PUBG M have long been released in High Graphics Mode. The graphic details are the same. 2022 for the New State, there is still no update, hopefully graphics and higher compatibility on Mid-High end devices.
The significant difference between the 3 games is that the contrast or Brightness on PUBG M is brighter, on CODM it's more for Unity Graphics which is better and brighter under PUBG M For New State Lighting is sufficient

Oh yes Mimin is also waiting for the Battlefield Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile games which will be released globally in the future on Mobile Android & iOS

/Bahas mengenai perbedaan grafis pada games mobile jaman now terutama bergenre BR atau Battle Royal pada game PUBG M, CODM, PUBG NS, meski CODM dan PUBG M sudah lama rilis pada Mode High Graphics Terlihat detail grafis sama" mengusung Next Gen Graphics Jaman Now di Tahun 2022 untuk New State masih belum ada Update lagi semoga grafis dan Kompatibilitas lebih tinggi pada Device Mid-High end.
Perbedaan yang signifikan antara ke 3 games tersebut adalah pada contrast atau Brightness pada PUBG M lebih cerah, pada CODM lebih ke Grafis Unity yang lebih baik dan cerah dibawah PUBG M Untuk New State Pencahayaan cukup 

Oh iya Mimin juga lagi menunggu games Battlefield Mobile dan Apex Legends Mobile yang akan rilis global Mendatang di Mobile Android & iOS

1. PUBG M Download

2. CODM Download

3. PUBG New State Download

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